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Investor Sentiment Feedback Tool

Inderes Investor Sentiment Feedback Tool

Inderes’ Investor Sentiment Feedback Tool helps public companies to measure and examine the quality of their investor relations. Investors can provide direct feedback to the management of listed companies on the and platforms about how they view the company as an investment and how well the company has managed to communicate with investors and serve its shareholders. Listed companies can use the feedback in market expectations management and developing their own investor relations.

This data together with Inderes' in-depth knowledge helps locate the development points of the target company's investor relations and develop the investor story from the investor's point of view.

Investor Sentiment Feedback Tool enables regular measurement of investor relations. For our customers, this means more systematic and goal-oriented investor relations.



Developing investor relations with the Investor Sentiment Feedback Tool

Access to real-time sentiment data

The ability to download the sentiment data in a ready-made presentation format

Open feedback from Investor Sentiment

A summary of the sentiment produced by Inderes each month

Comparison to results of six peer companies

Historical development of the investor sentiment

Contact information


Minna Avellan

Head of IR Solutions
puh. 040 533 7932