IR website as a Service

IR Website as a Service

Inderes offers the production and maintenance of investor websites as a turnkey solution to listed companies. Our goal is to build world’s best investor websites that are available to all companies. Development of our investor websites is guided by desire to serve investors' needs as well as possible and to build as easy as possible interface for the investor site, so your own staff can make updates without programming knowledge.

The service consists of:

Defining the content of the investor site add

We design the structure and content of the investor website in accordance with the company's brand identity and, if necessary, consult the company to crystallize their investor story. We build the site to meet investors' wishes and expectations. When designing the site, we consider the regulations for a listed company's website.

Technical implementation add

Based on the service design stage, we handle the technical implementation of the site. We create a management view for the customer to update the content as well as a dashboard to track visitors on the site. The site integrates with the Inderes service, so that updated content is also visible to Inderes users and the company's followers in the Inderes service.

Technical support and maintenance add

On behalf of the customer, we will ensure that the website always meets current regulations. The content is managed, according to agreement, by either Inderes, a communications partner or the company itself


Toivo Group

Revenio Group

Integration of IR websites into the platform

The platform has over 64,000 active investors connected to an ecosystem. We produce a huge amount of content that we can link to companies' investor pages. Diverse content ensures a steady stream of visitors to the site, and the site doesn't rely only on content produced by the company. We can connect listed companies and investors more efficiently while simultaneously providing investors with more personalized IR.

Webcasts and company-specific InderesTV content

Company’s own discussion thread on the Inderes Forum


Inderes Investor Sentiment Feedback collection tool

Virtual/hybrid company meetings and registration features

Inderes and other Commissioned Research stock analysis reports

Modular Finance’s stock analytics tools

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Head of IR Solutions
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