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Strategy and financial targets

Strategy and financial targets

Inderes has laid the foundations for a network that connects Nordic investors and listed companies. Over 400 listed company customers are connected to the Inderes platform, mainly in Finland, Sweden and Denmark. At the same time, the company's services have expanded to cover the key solutions needed by listed companies.
In the strategy period 2023-2027, we will build the foundation for the Nordic operating model.

In our strategy we will focus on four selected main products (Equity Research, IR Events, AGMs, and IR Software) and three selected geographical markets (Sweden, Finland, and Denmark). The company is working towards its objectives through three selected key themes: productization and sales, Sweden, and international Inderes.

Key strategic themes and identified obstacles

As part of its strategy work, the Inderes team has identified the following obstacles to international growth:

  • Low awareness of Inderes in markets outside Finland

  • Building a product offering and sales models in Sweden

  • Developing an international organization culture

  • Building investor communities in markets outside Finland

The strategy is guided by three key themes to overcome obstacles and support the company on its way to achieving its goals.

Key strategic themes:

  • Productization and sales

  • Sweden

  • International Inderes.

The aim of the productization is to make the products Inderes offers to listed companies easier to buy, deliver, and sell. In-house software development strengthens product automation and scalability and frees up resources for growth. The company is strengthening its sales organization and capabilities to support international growth.

The Swedish market will be Inderes' main growth market during the strategy period. To build awareness among listed companies and the investor community, Inderes will initiate research coverage on selected interesting Swedish companies and pilot other products with free models. Short-term growth will come from the events business, where the company has growth opportunities by replicating proven concepts. The aim is to become a well-known investor media and IR partner for listed companies in Sweden during the strategy period.

Inderes has historically been strongly built around a local operating model and to succeed in international growth, the company needs to build internationalization capabilities. Inderes will continue to actively develop the people-centered culture and co-lead organization model described in its Playbook to support international growth.

Financial targets

The long-term economic objective of Inderes is to:

  • Financial objective: to maintain a combined revenue growth rate and profitability (EBITA%) of 30-50%

  • Payout policy: annually increasing absolute payout, including dividends and share buybacks

In Finland, the company is aiming moderate growth and strong profitability in the strategy period 2023-2027. In Sweden, the focus is on growth. Profitability in Sweden is expected to be break-even or slightly positive in the coming years during the ramp-up phase of the business and to improve towards the end of the period. In Denmark, the company operates on a partner model, where sales are based on HC Andersen Capital's growth-based license fees.

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