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Inderes as a company

Inderes as a company

Inderes connects investors and listed companies. We help over 400 listed companies better serve the investors. Our community is home to over 70 000 active investors.

Our social objective is to democratize information in the financial markets, so that in regard to information everyone has an equal opportunity to invest and save for their own future.

To meet the needs of listed companies, we create solutions which are used for efficient investor relations, reaching the right target groups. The majority of our revenue comes from listed companies. Our main product areas are Commissioned Research, Virtual Event Solutions (Flik), Technology and IR Solutions.

We serve our investor community by offering services that help in becoming a better investor, enabling investor-to-investor networking, and sharing up-to-date information that helps to make more informed investment decisions. Our objective is to keep the services for our investor community free of charge or behind a low-cost threshold.

Eternity objectives

As a company, we have set ourselves the following objectives that we aim to achieve in our lifetime:

  • We always prefer to be a small and excellent company, rather than a large and mediocre one.

  • We hold true to our values.

  • We help our people grow as professionals and individuals.

The purpose of the eternity objectives is to provide the company with a life as long and good as possible. Achieving these objectives may require us to put the interests of our staff, investor community and customers before the short-term interests of shareholders.

Inderes Playbook

Inderes' Playbook contains a thorough cross-section of Inderes' social dimension, business model, value base, internal operating models and working culture. The playbook is made public to ensure we always act according to it.


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