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Inderes as an investment

Inderes as an investment

The core idea of Inderes is to democratize Nordic investor information by connecting investors and listed companies. A key trend underpinning this is the increasing transparency and openness of capital markets demanded by investors. Inderes' products for investors and listed companies are built around the Inderes platform developed by the company. A growing number of listed companies linked to the platform enables better services for investors. The Inderes community of investors strengthens competitive advantages and attracts new listed companies to Inderes products. The strategy will continue to be based around this network effect that supports growth.

Why join Inderes' owner community?

The network effects of our business model fuel growth and protect against competition

The Inderes platform, which is at the heart of our strategy, is a link between listed companies and the Inderes investor community. When new listed companies join the platform's ecosystem, the service and the amount of content will improve from the perspective of investors. When a larger number of investors join the community, the value return of services for listed companies improves. Our goal is to maintain this growth-supporting network effect.

Building your own investor community and listed company clientele requires time, know-how and patience. In addition to the network effects of business, our own ecosystem and investor community bring a position that is difficult for competing services to challenge.

Internationalization creates new growth opportunities

Over the years, we have successfully expanded into new product areas and markets. In 2022, we accelerated our internationalization by acquiring the Financial Hearings and Streamfabriken companies from Sweden, which specialize in the production of investor events, and a minority stake in HC Anderesen Capital, which offers investor communication services and stock analysis, from Denmark. After the arrangements, more than 400 listed company customers, mainly from the Nordic countries, will connect to the Inderes platform.

We estimate the market potential of our main products in the Nordic market to be more than 120 million euros. We feel that we are well equipped to duplicate proven product and service concepts for new markets.

The capital-light business model enables a stable cash flow and a growing dividend

Our business does not tie up large amounts of capital and our need for investment is low. Our goal is an annual growing absolute profit distribution, which includes the distribution of dividends and the purchase of our own shares. We strive for this in order to build a business model that generates stable and annually growing cash flow. In addition to profit distribution, the cash flow can be used to strengthen the balance sheet and for growth investments that support the strategy.

We have evidence of sustainable and profitable growth

According to our eternal goals, we are rather a small and excellent company than a large and mediocre company. We are aiming for sustainable growth, which boils down to the goal of maintaining a 30–50% revenue growth percentage and profitability (EBITA-%) total sum.

Historical outcome

2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Revenue growth % 25% 29% 40% 56% 76% 36% 14%
EBITA % 21% 21% 19% 18% 20% 20% 9%
Total 46% 50% 59% 74% 96% 55% 24%


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