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Inderes completes the planned minority investment in HC Andersen Capital

Inderes completes the planned minority investment in HC Andersen Capital and carries out a directed share issue in connection with the transaction

Inderes Oyj,
18 May, 2022 at 12.15

Inderes Plc has today signed an agreement under which it acquires a minority stake of 20% in HC Andersen Capital (“HCA”), a Danish provider of investor communications services and equity research. On 04/08/2022 Inderes announced a strategic partnership with HCA to build local investor services and communities in Denmark and Norway, and the acquisition of the minority stake deepens the strategic cooperation between the parties.

"Co-operation with HCA has started swiftly and we are already preparing for the first joint events, content sharing and the launch of Inderes’ digital service in Denmark. The feedback we have received from our customers about creating a Nordic network has been encouraging. This collaboration opens up an effective way for us to expand into new markets," said Mikael Rautanen, CEO of Inderes.

As a result of the minority investment, Inderes will acquire a 20% stake in HCA in a share transaction from HCA’s key employees. The purchase price consists of a maximum of 49 619 shares in Inderes offered in the directed share issue and a cash payment of EUR 0.6 million. In the directed share issue, Inderes offers a maximum of 49 619 new shares to the sellers at the subscription price of EUR 40.95 per share. The directed share issue will be carried out by a decision of the Board of Directors of Inderes, in derogation from the shareholders' pre-emptive rights, based on the authorization granted by the Annual General Meeting on 04/05/2022. The directed share issue is carried out in the context of a minority investment in support of the company's strategy, so there is a weighty financial reason for the deviation from the shareholders' pre-emptive subscription right.

The new shares will be registered in the Finnish Trade Register as soon as possible. After the registration of the new shares and the cancellation of Inderes’ treasury shares announced at 12:00 on 05/18/2022, the total number of shares in Inderes Plc is 1 632 617.

More information:

Mikael Rautanen
CEO, Inderes Oyj
+358 50 346 0321

Tue Østergaard
CEO, HC Andersen Capital
+45 31 34 3964